In 2014 Jay retired from competition and the training business and now focuses his time on clinics. Competing and coaching at an international level for 30 years has given Jay extensive experience working with all levels of horses and riders. Students that he has worked with extensively include Canadian Equestrian Team riders Ben Asselin, Elizabeth Gingras, and Vanessa Mannix. Jay is also well known for developing young horses. He trained King David, Glen Echo, and Mister Brown from the age of 4 to successful Grand Prix horses.

Clinic schedules are flexible, ranging from 1-4 days. For more information or to book your clinic, please contact us.  



I have known Jay for over 20 years and we worked together under the same professional when he was on the East Coast for a time. He has always been a true horseman and a great talent both in the saddle and training from the ground. But, overall I would say he is simply a great guy to be able to work with.

Four-time U.S. Olympian and 2017 FEI World Cup™ Champion McLain Ward

Jay helped me back when I had ponies and I have to say he was very good about conditioning me to make a plan every time I go in the ring. When you are just starting out in the jumper ring or looking to move up the ranks, having a really fundamental grasp of position and rhythm is what will make you most successful. Jay does a great job of honing in on the those basics to make sure you are absolutely prepared to move up. The higher you jump and the more prestigious the horse shows, it is easy to get caught up in the details, but the thing I always remind myself of are his lessons on the basics.
Canadian Show Jumping Athlete Vanessa Mannix


Jay Duke is truly and excellent coach and rider. I have known him for many years and I’ve had the opportunity to work with him different times through out my riding career. Jay helped me reach my goal of competing at Young Riders when I  was a working student for him in 2001. He gave me the confidence I needed and my team won the bronze medal.

I always enjoyed my lessons with Jay. His lessons included a variety of different training methods such as flat, gymnastics and jumping.

One of the things I appreciated the most was his ability to make horses feel wonderful. My horses felt light, responsive and supple after he schooled them for me. He is patient and he has an incredibly soft feel on every horse that enhances their progress, especially young ones.

I will always be grateful for the time Jay spent working with me and my horses.

Elizabeth Gingras, Canadian Team Rider

This eventing barn just hosted a clinic with Jay and we were thrilled!  Each and every horse and rider improved exponentially over the course of the clinic.  Jay watched every horse/rider combo intensely, identified the areas he could help improve, and then tailored his exercises to achieve maximum improvement in each participant.  His teaching style is exacting and demanding, primarily focusing on properly positioning the rider in order to have the most success with the horse. Rarely have I seen 100% of the participants in a clinic improve.  Smiles abounded! The riders rode more specifically, softly, and effectively. The horses responded with willingness and lightness. I am quite sure that regardless of the equestrian discipline, amateur or professional, Jay Duke’s training and expert eye will add great value to your program.
Martha McDowell FEI 3* event rider and trainer/owner of High Plains Stables
” In the spring of 2017 our association decided to hire Jay as a clinician for one of our events. From first contact we knew it was going to be great…. he was respectful and willing to work with us.
 The clinic was booked solid and all that attended were thrilled with the instruction given. The Q & A night was also well attended and he kept the audience engaged.
Jay sure did not disappoint, we look forward to working with him again.”
Cassandra Bolingbroke GHJA president


During our partnership with Jay Duke we have had a successful and rewarding experience. From buying young prospects, to winning at the most prestigious horse shows throughout the United States, we have been impressed with his knowledge base and ethical approach to the business. Jay demonstrates the patience for finding just the right horse for the client and provides valuable insights into the marketplace.

Cathy Morris-Schmitt, Champion A/O Hunter at National Horse Show, Washington International Horse Show


The thing that sets Jay apart from other coaches is that he doesn’t only teach you to ride, he teaches you to think. He comes up with exercises that, thru repetition, help the rider to feel and develop the individual skill for which each exercise is designed to teach. The rider learns to react properly and ride effectively without harsh criticism. You know you have gotten the correct result when you have success in that exercise. Jay’s “philosophy” as I call it, teaches his students to be logical, reasonable and effective. Green horses develop skills and patience, without having to “school”, and broke horses get sharper and more relaxed at the same time. I honestly don’t know how I ever rode before I started in his program.

Lana Smith, Rosenol Performance Horses

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* Clinic - Red Deer, CanadaClinic - Red Deer, Canada

Time: 8:14 pm
Posted by: Jay Duke

* Clinic - Red Deer, CanadaClinic - Red Deer, Canada

Time: 8:14 pm
Posted by: Jay Duke

* Clinic - Red Deer, CanadaClinic - Red Deer, Canada

Time: 8:14 pm
Posted by: Jay Duke